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Why The Statue Of Fela Kuti In Lagos Has No Head

Why The Statue Of Fela Kuti In Lagos Has No Head
Fela Kuti

Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti keeps on being a legend even 20 years after his death.

The 2017 release of the celebration was an uncommon version as it denoted the twentieth year commemoration of Fela's death, and the Lagos State government recognized the legend by raising 'The Liberation' a statue of Fela at Allen Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos.

To the amazement of a few people, the statue raised was without a head and this raised a great deal of suspiscion and remarks from aficionados of the late Afrobeat legend.

Reacting for the family, Fela's daughter and social analyst, Yeni Kuti has defended the plan of the landmark, saying it was the outflow of how the craftsman felt about the late legend.

Why The Statue Of Fela Kuti In Lagos Has No Head
Fela's statue in lagos
She stated: 'Before individuals via web-based networking media will begin to state the Fela has no head or it has no hand et cetera, it is craftsmanship and before you manhandle us, let me answer rapidly. It is art. How a craftsman feels is the manner by which he feels in light of the fact that in the event that he had put a head and the head did not look like Fela, everyone will say the head did not look like Fela so now you can't abuse the head since it isn't even there.'

The visual craftsman who composed the representation, Abolore Sobayo said the work was a declaration of how he feels about the late Afrobeat legend, saying that it was intended to create discussions about the liberation of the general population. While supporting the way that the fine art had no head, Sobayo said the outline left broad research on what Fela represent through his music, and how to utilize same to redress a portion of the things he grumbled about years prior that are as yet happening.

'For me as a artist, art rises above past excellence or style. For me, art ought to create what people will talk about; art ought to make inquiry and also ought to incite our considerations. For me, the making of the Liberation Statue is to speak to the pith of Fela by utilizing his ensemble. For me, I trust this should fill in as a cognizant to our inner mind that twenty years after Fela's death, the vast majority of the things he discussed are as yet happening.

For me, this work should come to us not similarly as a lovely work, but rather it should come to us as something that will ginger us to look at the positivity in our lives; energy in the value of his music; for us to begin to liberate our kin decidedly. Going ahead, I have possessed the capacity to utilize imagery as a medium to speak to Fela through his costumes and to speak to his essence,' Sobayo said.

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